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Elanco's "Celebrate The Bond" Campaign

I've always had a love for dogs. Especially BIG dogs! (Just ask my own "dog-ter" named Lola -- she's 165 lbs. of English Mastiff LOVE.) But, I digress...

So when I had the opportunity to work on Elanco's "Celebrate the Bond" campaign, I was beyond thrilled. However, it wasn't until I got knee-deep in the project that I realized how incredibly special it was. You see -- Elanco, in partnership with non-profit Canine Assistants developed this AMAZING documentary that focuses all about the human-animal bond. It's pretty special, but don't take my word for it. Watch for yourself!

Sean's Story: Celebrating the Bond

Below is some of the press I've garnered to raise awareness for Elanco's "Celebrate the Bond" campaign...

KETY-TV Segment [ABC -- Santa Barbara, CA]

KTVU-TV Morning Show Segment [FOX -- San Francisco]

Santa Barbara News-Press Article


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